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Red Tan Set To Release Empowering New Single ‘Don’t You Dare’

July 16, 2019

Red Tan Set To Release Empowering New Single ‘Don’t You Dare’


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Red Tan Music Media - Smart Parenting Performing Arts Victory

May 23, 2018

Red Tan Music Media - Smart Parenting Magazine Mom Victory Lifestyle

May 27, 2018


August 12, 2019

Red Tan: “Don’t You Dare!” is an inspirational anthem!

Posted By: Robbie Tee

Red Tan is a young widow and single mom. Living in an unfamiliar environment while suffering depression and anxiety has been a challenge that she was able to put into music on her single “Don’t You Dare!” 

It’s an inspirational anthem meant to help others overcome their struggles and difficulties, and achieve their goals. In the meantime it has been a healing medicine for the singer-songwriter herself, helping her to become a stronger and better person. Red Tan’s ability to create deep thoughtful music, her timeless voice, and her capacity to be so introspective, makes her extremely relatable to any sensitive audience. The song really capture her raw emotions and allow listeners to feel every lyric. The track is laid over an extremely harmonious beat, which is a perfect complement to her strong voice.

Red Tan proves her capability of crafting a beautiful mid-tempo pop ballads, but where she shines most here is in embracing the balance of her honesty, her sarcasm, and her courageous penchant for survival against the odds. “I’m am tough, you can’t wreck me,” she warns, before menacingly snarling “Don’t you dare!”

The cutting wordplay that Red Tan uses to describe her metamorphosis and emotions across the entire track is so deeply relatable and so well-executed that you can’t help but be inspired and thoughtful at the same time. One thing Red Tan has learned that usually takes other singer-songwriters a lot longer to pick up, is the value of honesty.

“Don’t You Dare!” resounds with what seems like honest sentiments. Not just someone putting together a song to impress fans. She’s singing from the point of view of someone who has been there. Red Tan is a singer-songwriter with a preternatural self-awareness, a distinct and capricious singing voice which goes from a whisper to a snarl, and an impeccable ear for melody.

Her music resonates because she is able to articulate her feelings and sensibilities so meticulously – with wit, tenderness, and brutal honesty. The song’s production twist familiar sounds into captivating shapes, while her lyrics flit between dramatic, intentional lines of inspiration and the conversational truths of a journal entry.

The textures, nuances and depth of meaning go far beyond the initial listen. Listen, then listen again. A woman who speaks her mind, the exceptionally fierce Red Tan warns that you’d better not mess around with her, because she’s not going to tolerate any other b.s.

Vocally anchored and soulful, her approach on “Don’t You Dare!” layers powerful emotions, to weave something that is an epic slam into the feels. A woman who is at the forefront of being open, honest, sincere and blunt, Red Tan creates a stunning ode to battling our enemies and acknowledge the ability to be happy with ourselves, love, and life.

It’s nearly impossible to find fault with anything the exceptionally talented Red Tan does on this recording, because she does it with such immense heart. A powerful piece that hits hard, “Don’t You Dare!” is a poignant representation of all of Red Tan’s regained strengths.

Red Tan Music - Life after loss can still be beautiful

"Life after loss can still be beautiful. - Red Tan"

Article By Cherry Moriones-Doromal
Entertainment Editor
Republiq Journal, Los Angeles CA 

Behind her sweet sassy image is a daring warrior who either takes herself into the battlefield or often finds herself ensnared in the combat zone of life. 

Red Tan lost her husband in 2017 when the latter succumbed to dengue, leaving her with their only son. Despite her heartbreak and all the palpable uncertainties she was facing, Red remained steadfast in her dreams, enough to bulldoze every misery and gradually reassemble her broken pieces in order to carry on with her so-called "life purpose."

She just got back in the Philippines after bagging home Broadway and Contemporary medals from World Championships of Performing Arts 2018 held in Longbeach California. 

Red Tan is a self-made lounge singer, concert producer, entrepreneur (CEO of Great Leap Academy) and childhood music teacher whose repertoire runs from jazz, mainstream, swing, standards as well as musicals. As an artist she had various theatre performances and multiple local television appearances as well as international singing gigs. Prior to her professional singing career, she had joined Star in a Million Season 2 and Philippine Idol. She is a product of years of experience and training from top-caliber professional studios such as Ryan Cayabyab Music Studio, ABS-CBN, Center for Pop Music Philippines, and so forth. In Europe, Red had been under the tutelage of well-acclaimed international celebrity coaches like Tim English (Resident Director of Aladdin, Lion King, West End musicals), and master vocal trainers Chris Johnson and Jamie Read.

Right after Red's success in representing the Philippines in WCOPA 2018, she flew to London to take West End Academy Master Classes on Musical Singing, Dancing and Acting by West End On Demand, Dominion Theatre.

Next, she had to rush back to Manila to record another single with international music producer Keith Martin.

In an interview, Red emotionally expressed her gratitude to the Almighty for granting her promising career direction and for bringing her back to life after her husband's demise. "I think I am being taught each day that life after loss can still be beautiful", Red shared during our conversation. 

As of this writing, windows of opportunities just keep on knocking towards Red's favor. She is currently in London to pursue her dreams. She is the only Filipino who successfully made it to the Grand Finals of Open Mic UK 2018. Furthermore, she is the sole representative of the Philippines who made it to Universal Studios Japan auditions in London.